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Report: Motorola may hire Notebaert
Wall Street Journal says Qwest boss is candidate for CEO
By Jeff Smith
Rocky Mountain News
Friday, July 13, 2007

Will Qwest CEO Dick Notebaert's retirement be short-lived?  The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Notebaert is being discussed as a possible successor to Motorola Chairman and CEO Ed Zander, who is under fire amid a weak financial performance.

"As you know, it's strictly rumor and speculation, and we wouldn't comment on that," Qwest spokesman Nick Sweers said.  "Dick is still CEO of Qwest, and the last time I looked, Motorola still has a chairman and CEO as well."

Notebaert, who turns 60 this month, announced his retirement last month but said he will run Qwest until his successor is named.  Sweers said the Qwest board is reviewing candidates and hopes to announce a new chief executive officer by Oct. 1.

"Dick is retiring," Sweers said, reiterating previous comments by Notebaert.  "He wants to spend more time with his grandchildren, and (his new position as) chairman of the Notre Dame board of trustees is going to require a lot of his time."

The Motorola speculation has been fueled in part by the fact that Notebaert was widely reported to be a top finalist for the job won by Zander in late 2003.  Notebaert also has ties to the Midwest, where Motorola is based.

"I think he is retiring, but he might be tempted (by a possible opportunity at Motorola) because that's a Chicago-based company," said telecommunications analyst Donna Jaegers of Janco Partners in Greenwood Village.  "I know he wants to be back in Chicago."

But Jaegers added that taking such a job also would "sort of blow his excuse for leaving Qwest."

Notebaert owns an apartment in Chicago and a house nearby in Wisconsin.  Before coming to Qwest in June 2002, he ran Illinois-based Tellabs Inc., a telecommunications equipment maker. or 303-954-5155,2777,DRMN_23910_5627074,00.html