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Arnie targets Trujillo
Sol Trujillo thought he had government problems at Telstra!  It turns out his unedifying brawls with Canberra were nothing compared with the brouhaha brewing between US retail giant Target, where he's been glued to a board seat for 15 years, and the government of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

By Rebecca Urban
The Australian (WSJ)
Wednesday, June 17. 2009

According to Californian Attorney-General Jerry Brown and 20 district attorneys, Target stores across California have been illegally dumping hazardous wastes in landfills.  Brown has reached a settlement with rival Kmart over similar claims, requiring the company to stop the dumping, retrain its workers and pay more than $US8.65 million ($10.9m) in civil penalties and other costs.  But the dispute with Target appears headed for the courts.

"Target has shown a willful disregard for California's hazardous waste laws by dumping flammable liquids and toxic chemicals in local landfills over a period of eight years," Brown said.

According to Target, it is "disappointed" by the lawsuit because it had been engaged in "a co-operative and constructive dialogue on this topic ... for almost three years".

Trujillo is very attached to his board seat at Target.  It was the only directorship he retained when he took up with Telstra in 2005.  And he's just seen off a rather nasty attempt by shareholders to dump him and a few other board members.,28124,25647531-5018020,00.html