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Ex-judge hangs out shingle
By Penny Parker, Columnist

Denver Post
Friday, April 17, 2009

Former Chief U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham, the man who sent ex-Qwest chief Joe Nacchio to the slammer for six years for illegal insider trading, has hung out his lawyer's shingle in downtown Denver.

Nottingham has a license in good standing to practice law, but that license is under scrutiny by the Colorado Attorney Regulation Counsel after legal blogger Sean Harrington filed a misconduct complaint about the former judge in December after Nottingham resigned from the bench amid controversy.

The alleged sketchy behavior included revelations in documents from his third divorce that he spent $3,000 at the Diamond Cabaret strip club; allegations by that ex-wife that Nottingham surfed adult-dating websites that link to pornography; claims that he parked in a handicapped spot outside a drug store, then argued with an outraged woman in a wheelchair who called him on it; and purported relationships with prostitutes.  All of the above earned him the nickname Judge Naughty.  Nottingham, 60, has set up shop at 600 17th St., specializing in "alternative dispute resolution, criminal law and litigation," according to the Colorado Bar Association website.

The former judge did not return phone calls.

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