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Qwest CEO takes comfort in his VP
By Jane Hoback and Gil Rudawsky
Rocky Mountain News
Saturday, March 1, 2008

Qwest CEO Ed Mueller's coming-out party this week at the ritzy St. Regis Hotel on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan featured gourmet sandwiches, pasta salad and a couple of pieces of sushi served in an attractive Bento box.

Many of the 180 analysts in attendance had finished their lunches by the time Mueller (pronounced Miller) strode into the room, circulating among the tables and greeting analysts individually.

Stephanie Comfort, a onetime analyst herself and formerly Qwest's investor relations director, was congratulated on her recent promotion to Qwest's executive vice president of corporate strategy.

Comfort spent the entire lunch asking analysts at her table about their concerns and answering their questions.  They especially wanted to know how Qwest was being affected by the economy as well as competition from wireless and cable.

When Mueller reached Comfort's table, he quipped:  "Stephanie is going to spill all the inside secrets."

Mueller allowed as how maybe he should just put her in front of the group and have her run the meeting.

Assistant Business Editor Jane Hoback and Deputy Business Editor Gil Rudawsky write about local business news that doesn't necessarily end up in quarterly reports. They can be reached at business@Rocky Moun