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Fiorina autobiography calls Nacchio "arrogant and slick"
By Andy Vuong, Staff Writer
Denver Post
Friday, October 13, 2006

Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina takes a few shots at former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio in her new autobiography, calling him "arrogant and slick."

Fiorina, who led HP for five years until she was fired in 2005, started her rise up the corporate ladder at AT&T, where Nacchio worked prior to joining Qwest.

Nacchio is mentioned in the first two pages of a chapter titled "Confrontation and Understanding."

Fiorina recalls meeting with Nacchio while weighing whether to join him in AT&T's "800 Service" unit.  She wrote that Nacchio made her wait for nearly an hour before she could step into his office and showed little interest in what she had to say.

"Listen, Carly, I'm not sure this meeting was necessary," Nacchio told Fiorina, according to her book, "Tough Choices: A Memoir."

When she tried to ask questions, he brushed her off, she wrote, adding that Nacchio just wanted her to follow his instructions and do little else.  She decided not to join his business unit, infuriating him.  "I didn't like him; he seemed arrogant and slick," Fiorina wrote.

Nacchio couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.

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