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Denver Inc.: Tops on Notebaert's 'honey-do' list: Leave the e-mail at the office
By Jane Hoback & Gil Rudawsky
Rocky Mountain News
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Qwest Chief Executive Dick Notebaert has always prided himself on being a truly bundled CEO -- connected to his office 24 hours a day through e-mail, phone and text messaging.  This week, he revealed his new toy -- a slim cell phone no bigger than a credit card featuring the latest gadgetry.  Notebaert can use it for phone calls, connecting to the Internet and text messaging.  Obvious by its omission, though, is one pretty ordinary bit of technology:  It doesn't have e-mail.

"Let's just say the e-mail was causing marital issues," Notebaert notes a little sheepishly, "especially at the dinner table."

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