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Qwest, U S West crooks leave the fallout to us
Rocky Mountain News
Saturday, August 19, 2006

Between CEOs Sol Trujillo and Joe Nacchio robbing U S West and Qwest, no wonder my bill has doubled since 2000.  It makes me mad that these men did this to a company where everyone now is paying for all the loot they walked off with. Nacchio worries that he won't get a fair trial in the Denver area, but we are very intelligent people who would weigh the pro and cons of the stock issues before judging.  I, for one, want to daily find out how the trial is going, and why should Nacchio be allowed to have the trial elsewhere?  Now we find out we are paying for Trujillo's huge retirement packet and find he is now working and probably making tons of money in Australia.  What a bunch of crooks!         They took a good company and not only made sure there were no dividends paid out but weakened the stock so badly, we will be paying for this forever.

Janet E. Berens