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August 1, 2005
Wesley Colvin, Plaintiff
AUSWR Board Members and general membership
This is the latest about the Colvin v. Qwest (Retiree Telephone Concession case). . .
In accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement approved by the Court, the "effective date" of the settlement will be August 8, 2005.  The settlement agreement requires Qwest to mail out the claims form within 30 days after the effective date -- in other words -- between August 8, 2005, and September 8, 2005.
Today, legal counsel for Qwest informed me that "Qwest anticipates sending out the notice and claim forms in the latter half of August, and certainly well before the September 8 deadline."
Once the claim form is received, it must be completed, signed, dated and return mailed, within 90 days, to the claims administrator "Rust Consulting" -- at the Minneapolis based P.O. box address indicated on the claim form.
Then, after the claims administrator checks the completed, signed and dated claim form, the claims administrator will send a separate letter back to the retiree with an instruction to call a toll free telephone number in order to ask for and get the necessary change over to Qwest long distance at no charge.  
Also, within 60 days after the claim administrator receives the completed, signed and dated claim form, a check in the amount of $300 will be sent to the eligible retiree.