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Lerach Hopes 220,000 Pages Turn Up Dirt on Nacchio
By Peter Lattman
The Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A federal appeals court ruled that Qwest must turn over 220,000 pages of documents in connection with a civil securities fraud case against the telecom firm, reports the Rocky Mountain News.

Qwest had argued that the documents were protected by attorney-client privilege and the work-project doctrine, but the Tenth Circuit ruled that Qwest waived its privilege when it turned over the documents to the SEC and DOJ.  Lerach Coughlin, the lead plaintiffs' firm in the lawsuit, said they're pleased with the ruling.  Lerach has already reached a $450 million settlement with Qwest, but a civil suit's still pending against former CEO Joseph Nacchio and Ex-CFO Robert Woodruff.

The plaintiffs hope that the trove of documents will prove damaging to Nacchio.  "Certainly, this information to be gleaned from the 220,000 pages will help the plaintiffs' attorneys put more puzzle pieces together," said a lawyer for the plaintiffs.  A Qwest spokesman declined comment.