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June 24, 2005
Wesley Colvin, Plaintiff
AUSWR Board Members and general membership
This is the latest about the Colvin v. Qwest (Retiree Telephone Concession case). . .
Two days ago, there was a "fairness hearing" before Otero County District Court Judge Michael A. Schiferl.  Before the hearing started, he reviewed the combined 128 pages of documents counsel had sent to the Court in support of a final judgment.   No one appeared at the hearing to object to the proposed settlement.  However, there were almost a dozen retirees present in support of the final settlement.
Judge Schiferl entered the final order to put the case to an end.  Now, the settlement can be carried out.  Attached hereto is a copy of the final order signed by Judge Schiferl.
Qwest counsel stated that the company will send out the claim form after the 45 day period has expired for anyone to file an appeal.  We do not expect anyone to file an appeal.  Anyhow, shortly after Monday, August 8, the claim form should be received in the mail by the approximately 3,300 affected retiree class members.  A copy of the claim form to be sent in the mail is attached as the last two pages to Judge Schiferl's June 22 Order.

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