June 10, 2005
Christopher J. Koenigs, Esq.
Michael B. Carroll, Esq.
633 17th Street, Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202
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ckoenigs@sah.com (Christopher J. Koenigs, Esq.),
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    Re:     Colvin v. Qwest Communications International, Inc.
                Case No. 04-CV-39, Otero County District Court
                Attorney's Fees / Fairness paperwork to be filed. . .   
As I promised in my June 7 email, I have attached hereto my Affidavit to be submitted as my request for an award of attorney's fees in the Colvin v. Qwest case at the June 22 "Fairness Hearing."  My Affidavit (38 pages) shows all of the recorded billable attorney time for my efforts in this case as of today.
I am sending this to you, as well as to the AUSWR retiree group and class members in order to get honest feedback, comments, objections, outrage and whatever lawyer jokes can be thrown my way, so I can incorporate the reaction (supportive and non-supportive, if any) into the brief I will be filing in support of the Fairness Judgment.
Chris, please let me know 'Qwest's' reaction particularly, as it concerns my request for a mere 1.4 lodestar enhancement.  Please try to get back to me by Tuesday ( I will be working in Tulsa), so that I can get my final papers ready to file in advance of the June 22 hearing.  I have prepared a "fairness brief," but, I want to hear from you concerning this attorney's fee request before I send you my draft of that brief.  Thank you, and I hope you have a good weekend.
c:    Wesley Colvin
        AUSWR Board members

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