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Corporate wrongdoing pays off - for federal prosecutors
By Jane Hoback & Gil Rudawsky
Rocky Mountain News
Saturday, June 10, 2006

Federal prosecutors who took down Enron, Adelphia and WorldCom executives and who sent Martha Stewart to jail are seeing their work pay off. reports the lawyers are quitting government work and going into private practice, where they're commanding million-dollar paychecks.

Even the attorneys who lost their high-profile cases are reportedly taking home seven figures.

But the financial Web site's slide show of who's making what after prosecuting corporate wrongdoing ends on a rather odd note.

Featured on the last slide is William Leone, the Colorado U.S. attorney who is prosecuting former Qwest Chief Executive Officer Joseph Nacchio on charges of making illegal trades of Qwest stock based on information not disclosed to investors.

A trial is expected to begin in the fall.

Leone's paltry paycheck - a mere $142,000 - pales in comparison with the other prosecutors listed.

But if the track record of his colleagues is any measure, you might as well tack on another zero after the trial ends.

Assistant Business Editor Jane Hoback and Deputy Business Editor Gil Rudawsky write about local business talk that doesn't necessarily end up in quarterly reports. They can be reached at