Qwest Employees Sending Mixed Signals in New Vault Employee Surveys
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Friday, May 13, 2005

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)----Qwest employees are sending mixed signals about the company's future, New York research firm Vault has found in new employee surveys on the communications giant.  Qwest said this week it has no plans to revive a failed attempt to outbid Verizon for MCI.  The survey results, published today, can be accessed on Vault.com.

Vault's employee surveys give investors and jobseekers insight into the company's business operations.

Says a former manager, "The chief executive has fallen back to his roots, of running a telephone company in the same manner he ran Ameritech.  Little or no innovative ideas, a great deal of focus on service, which is good, but not a long lived vision of the future.  While focusing on service, he has been eliminating any product lines that did not fit into his model of what a telephone company should provide.  This action eliminated any ability for Qwest to tap into new technologies that could help the financial bottom line."

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Another former manager thinks that, "While the industry leaders are changing their technical focus and upgrading technologies, Qwest is managing the financial damage of the previous leadership.  As a shareholder, I wish I could say they will rebound.  Their recent business opportunities are failing, and they have had a long string of bad luck.  I see them continuing to sell off all valuable researches until SBC or Verizon consumes them."

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