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Ex-Qwest exec says e-mail was just a "cut-and-paste"
Denver Post Business Section
Friday, April 28, 2006

Former Qwest president Afshin Mohebbi was arriving home from the hospital with his wife and their new baby when he is alleged to have sent an e-mail implicating himself in an accounting fraud, he said in a court filing this week.

Mohebbi said he does not recall sending the e-mail and that if he did send it, he simply did a "cut-and-paste" on text forwarded from someone else at Qwest.

Mohebbi sent the e-mail Dec. 29, 2000.  Regulators allege in their civil complaint against him and other former Qwest executives that the e-mail proved that Mohebbi arranged a secret, improper deal with another company.

Mohebbi's filing, his first response to charges made in the case more than a year ago, also says he sold his Qwest stock for the first time this year at a loss.  Mohebbi said if he had sold his Qwest shares while he was at the company, as others did, he would have made $18 million.

Regulators allege that former Qwest officials, including former chief executive Joe Nacchio, improperly boosted revenues by $3 billion from 1999 to 2002.