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April 20, 2005
Mimi Hull, President
Board Members and general membership
This is a follow-up to my April 6, 2005, report regarding the Hull v. Department of Labor (Freedom of Information Act - FOIA) lawsuit filed in the Denver Federal Court. 
Today, I filed a response to the "Motion for Summary Judgment" filed on April 1, 2005, by the United States Attorney representing the Department of Labor (DOL).  A copy of that document is attached hereto.
We have asked the Court to conduct an in camera inspection of the remaining documents the DOL has refused to produce under the FOIA.   For instance, the DOL is withholding 24 witness statements,   The DOL states emphatically that "public access to documents revealing the status of the investigation could  trigger public interference with the investigation, and therefore hamper its progress."
Of course, the "investigation" is now 4 years old.
I will send you an update about what happens.
Attachment:    (Response to DOL's Motion for Summary Judgment - 12 pages)

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