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April 14, 2004
Association of U S WEST Retirees
Board members and General membership
One of the first steps that will be carried out in the pending lawsuit concerning the retiree "Telephone Concession Reimbursement" is for both sides to make a voluntary full disclosure of documents and witnesses believed to be material to the disputed issues.  Tomorrow, I will be sending to opposing counsel my list of documents that I have gathered thus far and that list is attached hereto in Adobe PDF 4.0 file format.  You can share this email and the attached list with all interested retirees.  Some of the documents are dated long ago, and some were produced to me in prior litigation not involving the telephone concession issues.  But, many of the papers were mailed to me by concerned retirees in response to my requests.  Thank you for all the help provided thus far.
When you forward the attached list to members of AUSWR ask that they continue to search for papers in addition to the ones listed and mail them to me.
Curtis L. Kennedy
8405 E. Princeton Ave.
Denver, CO  80237-1741
Attachment    (List of Retiree Telephone Concession documents - 10 pages)



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