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April 1, 2004
Association of U S WEST Retirees
Board members and General membership
I have attached hereto in Adobe PDF file format a copy of the 10 page Answer filed today by Qwest's team of attorneys responding to the Class Action Complaint filed in the Otero County District Court in La Junta, Colorado.  Qwest is being defended by two law firms, one in Denver and the other in Pueblo, Colorado.  Of course, the major law firm is Sherman & Howard, where Qwest General Counsel Richard Baer comes from.
You will notice that each numbered paragraph in the Answer corresponds to the same numbered paragraph in the Complaint.  Qwest adamantly denies there was any kind of commitment and the defense team of attorneys assert the usual kitchen sink defense approach, practically denying everything that was alleged in the Class Action Complaint.
The next step is for there to be some initial disclosures and a scheduling meeting with the judge.  I let you know when that meeting is scheduled to occur.
Again, when you forward this message and attachment, please urge all recipients to continue mailing to me photocopies of papers concerning the "Telephone Concession Reimbursement," also referred to as the "Retiree Telephone Discount."  Please ask that when papers are sent to me, the sender should include a note with his or her email address.  Thank you.
Curtis L. Kennedy
8405 E. Princeton Ave.
Denver, CO  80237-1741
Attachment:    (Answer to Class Action Complaint re: "Retiree Telephone Discount")

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