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Ex-Qwest limo driver says Nacchio abrupt on phone
By Jeff Smith
Rocky Mountain News
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A former limousine driver for Qwest executives was among those in the courtroom gallery Tuesday.  The man, who requested his name not be used because he still works as a driver, said he drove a Qwest entourage to investment meetings with Janus, Invesco and others in the Denver area after the company went public in 1997.

He remembers overhearing the executives "congratulating themselves (after the meetings) on what a great job they did and calling to see what the market did."

Joe Nacchio was abrupt in talking to Qwest employees on his cell phone, the driver said, at least once using an expletive.  "H didn't treat subordinates very well."

The limousine driver said his impression of the trial so far is that Nacchio's lead attorney Herbert Stern "reeks of the East Coast" and that a local attorney would have been a better choice.

Nacchio's team does have one of the best local criminal defense attorneys in Colorado -- John Richilano -- but Stern has carried more of the workload so far.,2777,DRMN_23910_5447242,00.html