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Nosh? Nack? Notch? Nock?
Posted by Al Lewis @ 6:06 pm
Denver Post
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I thought I knew Joe Nacchio.  Truth is, I don't even know how to pronounce his name.

In court, it's most often pronounced Nosh-E-O.  And sometimes, even Nash-E-O.  But when he was CEO of Qwest it was most often Nacho, kinda like the chips.  In fact, last week a long protester swung a sign outside the courthouse that read:  "I want cheese with my Nacchios."

On Monday, after court, I decided to ask Nacchio how he pronounces his name -- which I thought was about the dumbest question I ever asked him.  The answer, however, surprised me.

"I say 'Nosh-e-o," he told me, 'but it's really 'Nock-e-o'. ... It was Americanized."  In Italian the "cch" make the "ca" sound.  Remember Pinocchio?

Nacchio said his son David, who speaks fluent Italian, goes by Nock-e-o, preferring the ancestral pronunciation.

So what about all those people in Colorado who called him Nacho? I asked.

"I never corrected them," Nacchio said.