March 10, 2004
Association of U S WEST Retirees
Board members and General membership
I have attached hereto in Adobe PDF file format a copy of the 21 page Class Action Complaint sent today to the Otero County District Court in La Junta, Colorado for filing.  Tomorrow morning, March 11, the papers will be served on Qwest.  You may give this email the widest distribution possible, as there are more than 4,500 affected retirees.  Many persons will want to know what the Association of U S WEST Retirees is trying to accomplish for their benefit.  The attached complaint should be easy enough to understand.
When you forward this message and attachment, please urge all recipients to continue mailing to me photocopies of papers concerning the "Telephone Concession Reimbursement," also referred to as the "Retiree Telephone Discount."  Thank you.
Curtis L. Kennedy
8405 E. Princeton Ave.
Denver, CO  80237-1741
Attachment:    Class Action Complaint re: "Retiree Telephone Discount"



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