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Taking no chances on Examiner launch
By Jane Hoback & Gil Rudawsky  
Rocky Mountain News
Saturday, February 25, 2006

Phil Anschutz is making his way around the country registering Web names of his Examiner newspaper, including in Denver.  His latest stop:  Los Angeles.  The Qwest founder, movie magnate and soon-to-be newspaper magnate has registered the domain name  It came a year and a half after trademarking Los Angeles Examiner as a possible name for a newspaper.  The name Examiner has a storied history in Los Angeles newspaper yore.

This from  "The name had several print incarnations, first as the Los Angeles Examiner (1903-1962), the Los Angeles Evening and Sunday Herald Examiner (1962-1977) and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner (1977-1989)."

But no need to start another chapter in Examiner history, at least not yet.

A spokesman for Anschutz told the Los Angeles Times that the registration of names isn't a signal of an imminent resurrection of a name.

"Anyone expecting a Los Angeles Examiner anytime soon, they're going to be disappointed," Jim Monaghan said.

But isn't buying it:  "We will be checking the URL every fifty-three minutes to see if anything's been posted.",1299,DRMN_82_4495726,00.html